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Why your bobby pins aren't working

Chances are, you're not wearing them the right way, and they probably aren't quality bobby pins (yes, there's a difference).

Pink glitter bobby pins

Most people wear the flat side closest to the scalp, but that actually encourages the bobby pin to slide right out. The ridges should go underneath, making the pin weave in and out of the hair, allowing the ridges to really lock in. Colorful bobby pins and glitter bobby pins are trending hardcore right now- show them off! You can also criss-cross them for a fun look- they'll lock into each other and hold the hair even firmer.

Most bobby pin brands that you can get at big stores know that people are wearing them incorrectly, and instead of educating their customers, they add a slight bend to the flat side to make them curve to the head. This is actually counterproductive since it makes them slip out easier.


Professional grade quality bobby pins make a world of difference. (Some brands may vary, but this is my experience)

- They have an enhanced spring that lasts longer. When you open them, they'll actually close again, meaning you'll get way more life out of them. It also means they'll have a firmer grip in even the finest hair.

- They usually have rubber tips, which means you won't stab your head. That's obviously a plus.

- They're specially formulated with a coating that resists rusting, which is important if you use them in wet hair or leave them in the shower.

So flip those bobby pins over and treat yo self to some higher quality bobby pins. Your hair will thank you.


All of the decorative bobby pins shown here are available in the shop.

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