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DIY Dry Erase Menu Board

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Keep your dinner plans on track with this easy to make dry erase menu board. I really like that this meal planner isn't buried away in a notebook that gets forgotten. The dry erase menu board makes cute kitchen decor that encourages you to plan your meals out, and the ingredients you'll need with an attached shopping list.

Dry erase menu board


-Photo frame collage with 8 4x6" slots. I used one like this, or you could use a funky zig zag style like this one.

-Dry erase markers- (I like fine tip- it gives you extra room for writing notes)

-4x6 paper sheets to match your decor. You could use plain white paper and cut to size, but why not have some fun? Get cute and creative by using index cards, decorative paper, or recipe cards.

-Sharpie, adhesive labels, or paper cute to size and glue.

First you'll want to decide how you want the menu board to look. Will it hang vertically? Horizontally? Sit on your counter? That will determine the direction of your labels. You can write your days directly on the glass with a sharpie, or you can make strips of paper, label them, and adhere them to your 4x6" sheets.

Next you'll take the backs out of the photos and remove their paper/photo samples. Insert your cute paper, 1 for each day of the week.

The 8th (or 1st) slot will be for your grocery list or notes about the meals you plan on making. You can write your list directly on the frame, or attach sticky notes or clothespins to hold a list that you bring with to the store.

I would love to see yours! What did you do to make it unique? What recommendations do you have for others? Please post photos and your thoughts on Facebook and Instagram tagging @BuyBrittique so I can see.

I would also love it if you'd share the link to this post so your friends can see it.


- Make your labels large enough to read, but small enough to leave room for multiple meals during the day, cooking instructions, or other notes you would typically add to a calendar.

- Avoid dark paper, since you'll want to be able to read what's written over it.

- My new obsession is adhesive clips for holding pens and crochet hooks on the wall and in my car. They're great for keeping dry erase markers next to your menu board, too.

- Try using 2 3x4" papers in each slot to divide each day in half. This leaves room for lunch and dinner on each day, or meals on one side and daily activities on the other.

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