Metal heart shaped interlocking molds


**Choose 1 heart mold or get a complete set of interlocking heart molds.

This metal heart mold would be perfect as a heart bath bomb mold, a heart soap mold, or a heart candle mold. Although this heart shaped mold would be great for candle making, as a bath bomb mold, or for use as a soap making supply. If you're looking for bath bomb supplies or soap making supplies, these heart shaped attachable molds are an adorable way to make more unique creations.

I have them listed individually, or as a set of 3 or 6. I'd be happy to do any quantity in between, though. Please note I have 7 on hand, so do not purchase more than 7. The more you buy the more you save- I keep shipping as the same price whether you buy 1 or 7.

Save even more on shipping by getting multiple items from I have tons of other candle molds and candle supplies.

Quantity per set

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