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Metallic copper colored metal dangle earrings

Metallic copper colored metal dangle earrings

These metallic brown dangle earrings are sold individually. You have your choice between

Diamond- Crooked square shaped bronze drop earrings.
Teardrop- Flat angled steampunk earrings.
Multi faceted- Decoratively faceted shiny brown earrings.
Sphere- Detailed orb shaped bronze earrings.
Football- Large flat oval shaped copper earrings.
Jeweled Football- Multi faceted football shaped bronze oval earrings.
Waved- Uniquely curved metallic earrings.

The copper colored metal earrings are incredibly versatile. The color looks great on all skin tones, and the metallic dangles can easily be dressed up or down. They'll work with almost any style, but the color and unique shapes remind me of steampunk jewelry.

Each of these metallic copper drop earrings has bronze colored fishhook wires and comes complete with rubber backings.


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