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Multi-Color Glitter Bobby Pins

Multi-Color Glitter Bobby Pins


These glitter bobby pins are made with salon quality, professional grade 1 7/8" bobby pins. They are covered in multiple colors of paint/polish and then color-coordinating glitter is applied individually by hand. A clear coat is applied over the glitter hair pins to add shine and keep a more uniform appearance, while preventing the glitter from falling into the hair or hands.  These colorful bobby pins are available as a 6- or 12-pack. A set of 6 includes 1 of each of the blue bobby pins, pink bobby pins, purple bobby pins and green bobby pins, and 2 of the ombre glitter hair pins that have all 4 colors fading into each other. A set of 12 comes with 2 of each of the colorful bobby pins, and 4 of the rainbow style bobby pins. I recommend the larger pack so you can criss-cross matching decorative bobby pins in your hair. I have tons of other colors and quantities in my shop. I'm also pretty flexible and love custom orders, so please send me a message with any questions.


The glitter hair pins are finished with a clear sealant that prevents chipping, adds shine, and creates a more uniform appearance across each of the decorated bobby pins. Colorful bobby pins and rainbow accessories are a great way to add a feminine flair to your outfit. Tip: Wearing the ridges of these colored bobby pins close to the scalp gives them a firmer grip and better aesthetic.


You get to choose the quantity of cute bobby pins you want. You can even mix and match with ot