Rhinestone Hair Clips

Rhinestone Hair Clips


These sparkly hair clips are handcrafted with salon quality single prong alligator clips. Since the rhinestone hair clips are professional grade, they would make a great hairstylist gift.

You have the choice of 3 or 6 bling hair clips.

You also get to choose if you'd like dark pink, charcoal, or silver rhinestones, or you can do a variety pack of sparkle hair clips. The charcoal and pink rhinestones both have darker undertones, giving them an edgy, goth glam style, but the shine and bling make them work with tons of outfits and hair colors.

Single prong hair clips are easy to use and work with any hair texture and style. If you're looking for cute hair clips, these bling clips are for you!

I'm very flexible, so if you're interested in other quantities or style combinations, please feel free to contact me. Save on shipping by getting multiple hair accessories from www.buybrittique.com

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