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Women's brown and blue wrap shawl

Women's brown and blue wrap shawl


This crochet shawl is a unique and richly textured large triangle scarf. It's an original pattern by me, called the Dreamer Shawl. Before deciding on the finished pattern, I had many testers crochet the triangle wrap to ensure quality, and I'm very pleased with the results.


The crochet triangle wrap will keep you warm in fall colors, but it's not too heavy. This lightweight womens triangle shawl is highly versatile and perfect for Fall days. Considering how lightweight it feels, there's a surprising amount of warmth. The stretch allows this shawl to be worn like a scarf, wrapped around the chest or neck, around your head, as a swim suit cover, hanging off the shoulders, or a variety of other ways.


I have another traingle wrap available in this pattern in other colors, and would be more than happy to create one in any color(s) you can imagine.

This womens triangle shawl is already made and ready to ship. I ship in the most economical way, and can give quotes for rush shipping.

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