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Adjustable gold and white filigree ring

Adjustable gold and white filigree ring

This round cabochon ring is a fun way to show your unique boho chic style. Gold and white rings are perfect for all skin tones and go great with any outfit. This glass jewelry will also work on almost any finger of hand size, since it's an adjustable ring. The glass statement rings are large, yet subtle. There's a nice shine to the gold and clear glass ring, and it works for formal occasions since it's filigree jewelry. This style of round glass cabochon ring is made with an adjustable gold colored band that is lead free and nickel free. A matching square base is attached. I adhered the decorative paper to a clear glass cabochon with a clear sealant. I then used a super strength adhesive to adhere the cabochon to the square of the band.

I currently have two of these filigree rings in stock, but pending material availability, can make more. I have other round glass rings and paper jewelry in my shop, and can custom make other styles.
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