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Knit Gallery

Gallery of knit work, with pattern links

  • Information about and links to purchase tools and supplies used, when available

  • Arm knit scarves and all other work handmade by me, (Brittany Rooney) 

  • Crochet, knit, woven and other textile arts in the form of outerwear, home decor, toys, blankets, accessories and more available for purchase here

  • Affiliate links provided- Disclosures and info can be found here

Pink arm knit infinity scarf

Netted & Ruffle yarn

Arm knit scarves made with netted yarn and ruffle yan

Knit Eyelash Yarn Scarves

Knit scarves made with eyelash or "fur" yarn (great stash buster for fashion yarn!)

Chunky yarn

Bulky yarn in weight 5 and/or 6 used to knit 

"Netted" or "Ruffle" Yarn Scarves

I love arm knitting as a way to de-stash bulky weight yarns. These netted style yarns are already full of texture. You would typically knit or crochet into the individual gaps in the yarn by holding it taut. By keeping it loose and using the wider stitching of arm knitting, you end up with an incredibly thick and plush result. The silver sequined scarf is crocheted in the gaps of the yarn, but I wanted to include the photos to show how incredibly versatile your outcome can be based on the stitching.

A free video tutorial for arm knitting is available here.

The ruffle scarf tutorial can be found here.


The scarves shown can be found here. Click on the individual photos for information about the yarn.

"Eyelash" or "Fur" Yarn Scarves

Arm knitting is a great way to use bulky #5 and #6 yarn. If you have lots of fashion and novelty yarns, this is a great stash buster idea. Infinity scarves are versatile, make great gifts, and are easy and fun to make. The pattern is a video tutorial that's available for free here.

They worked up quickly and I love the end result of the unique yarns. I recommend using chunky yarn and combining 2 or 3 colors or styles for tons of  texture and less gaps in the stitching, since it's a relatively open weave. The scarves can be found here and yarn info  can be found by clicking the individual photos.

Chunky Bulky Yarn Scarves

When novelty yarn and fashion yarn go on sale I STOCK UP. Unique styles of yarn are perfect for arm knit scarves, so let's get stash-busting! Faux suede, ribbon yarn and pom pom yarn are just a few of the unique finds I've had. Find the free arm knitting video tutorial here.

These scarves can be found here. Click on the individual photos for information about the yarn.

Tons of new photos and links will be posted soon.


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