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Yesterday Hat

A free crochet hat pattern by

It's Britt's Knits, a division of Brittique

This crochet slouch hat pattern is fun and versatile. 

  • Because of the color and texture changes in the yarn, even if you follow this pattern exactly, your crochet slouch hat will be a unique work of wearable art

  • It's highly textured and reversible

  • The versatile crochet hat can be worn with the band down or folded over.

  • Because of the versatility and flexibility of the slouch hat, it will work with any face shape and hairstyle. Just pick a yarn that works with your skin tone, and you have the perfect hat for yourself or a gift!



Pattern Written in U.S. Terms

An ad-free photo condensed version has been made for easy viewing and printing. It's available for purchase through my website here.  I realize some people are more comfortable making purchases through websites they're more familiar with. For this reason, I've also made the crochet hat pattern available on Etsy here. Due to the difference in fees, the price is lower on my website. My website uses an SSL certificate, and you'll notice it starts with "HTTPS", meaning any data entered is encrypted and authenticated, hence, secured.


The physical finished work is yours to do with as you please, but the pattern is intellectual property that belongs to me.  Should you continue with the pattern after reading this, you are legally bound by the set forth terms of service (TOS). 

I do allow commercial use of this pattern, meaning that if you are an individual or small business that only consists of yourself, you are allowed to sell the finished product(s) of my patterns. However, you must credit "Brittique" and link back on any online listings.


Yarn: Red Heart Unforgettable waves in bazaar

Hook: K(10 1/2) - 6.50mm I used Boye. It's personal preference, but I like the smoothness of aluminum and the shape/depth of the actual hook.

Tapestry Needle


Affiliate links used. More info here.

I'm all for de-stashing, but highly recommend this or a similar yarn to achieve this texture and color. Because of the way the yarn is twisted, it allows for a subtle and smooth change in color and thickness. This yarn would be great for freeform crochet, but I wouldn't recommend it for projects that need a sharp straight line because of the texture variation.

This yarn is a weight 4, but I would consider it "bulky" or a 5. I've made the hat with the exact same pattern, hook, and tension, but with a regular acrylic weight 4 yarn, and it ended up being about a toddler size hat. If you use different yarn, I recommend using bulky weight or bumping up the hook size. I'd love to hear any variations you've made and see how they look!

Freeform crochet hat

Stitches Used:

sl st- slip stitch

ch- chain

sk- skip

sc- single crochet

scblo- single crochet back loop only (worked the same as sc, but only in the back half of the stitch) Click here for my scblo video tutorial

bpsc- back post single crochet- working from behind, single crochet around the post rather than through the loops on top.

fpsc- front post single crochet (sc worked only in front half of stitch)

scdec (aka "sc2tog" or "single crochet decrease")- single crochet two stitches together. Pull yarn  through each of the next 2 stitches, then pull through all 3 on hook. (previous row had 2 stitches, new row has one)

hdc- half double crochet

fphdc- front post half double crochet (half double crochet worked only in the front half of the stitch)

hdcblo- hdc in the back loop only

hdcflo- hdc in the front loop only

dc- double crochet

dc cl- double crochet cluster (begin a double crochet but only pull through the 1st 2 loops. Do this twice more inthe same stitch, and then pull through all loops on hook)

tr- triple or "treble" crochet

st- stitch or stitches

Beginning chain does not count as a stitch. Number of stitches worked in each row will be shown like this (23st)

Foundation row- Loosely chain 10 (stitch count determines how tall the brim will be)

1. sc in the 2nd chain from the hook, and in each of the next 8 stitches across (9st)

2.-47. ch1, turn, scblo in each of the 9 stitches (9st) Click here for scblo video tutorial

Row 2 is done 46 times. When counting rows remember that you have the foundation row and a row of sc. If you're using a different yarn, or like a tighter/looser fit, wrap it around your head like a headband to determine width. It should be snug on your forehead but not tight.

48. Turn your work clockwise 90 degrees (1/4 turn). ch1, sc 47x. (47st) (This is the bottom of the band- the part touching your forehead)

Tip: Be mindful of where you place stitches to avoid gaps. Fold work in half or use stitch marker (or bobby pin) to mark your halfway point. This will help ensure your stitches are spaced evenly.

49. Fold the band and line up the beginning chain with your working row. Slip stitch across. (9st)

Turn 90 degrees to now work on the top of the band. No more turning after this row. We will now be working in the round.

50. ch1, sc 47x, sl st (48st)

51. bpsc 47x, sl st (48st)   


52. ch4, tr 47x, sl st (48st)

53. ch1, fpsc 47x, sl st (48st)

54. ch3, dc in the same stitch, sk1, (2dc, sk1)23x, sl st (48st)

55. ch1, sc 47x, sl st (48st)

56. ch2, (hdcblo, hdcflo)23x, sl st (47st)

57. ch3, sk1 (hdc, ch1, sk1)23x, sl st (47st)


58. ch2, fphdc in next, (hdc, fphdc)23x, sl st (48st)

59. ch1, 2sc in the same stitch as the ch, sc3tog (3sc, sc3tog)11x (48st)

60. ch3, dc 47x (48st)

Brittique owner wearing crochet hat

I want to see how unique yours looks!

Tag @BuyBrittique on Instagram, Facebook  and Twitter, and use the hashtag #YesterdayHat so I get notified when you post!

61. We're making a dc cl but using the chains for the first one- ch3, start a dc in the same stitch, but only pull through 2 loops. Start another dc in the same stitch and pull through all loops on hook. ch1, sk1 (dc cl, ch1, sk1)22x, (47st)

62. scdec 24x (24st)

63. scdec 12x (12st)

64. scdec 6x (6st)

Sew the 6 stitches together and weave in ends. Click here for video tutorial on securely weaving ends.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all or feel like something needs to be revised. Check out my other patterns and be sure you're following @Itsbrittsknits on facebook and @buybrittique on instagram. As long as you credit my work, I'd be very flattered to have this pattern and the photos shared and pinned.

I hope you've enjoyed working on this free crochet hat pattern! If so, check out my other patterns here, and be sure to subscribe below for the latest info on new patterns and promotions.

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