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Black and silver round lentil shell bead earrings

Black and silver round lentil shell bead earrings

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These are truly unique round lentil shell bead drop earrings. The fish hooks are silver colored and made from nickel free surgical grade stainless steel, which means they're more gentle on sensitive skin. They are made with 20mm (approx. three quarter inch) lentil shell beads, where the depth and natural shine come through. They're an iridescent black with silver pearl spotting throughout. I currently have 2 pairs. Due to the natural and unique nature of these shells, each of the 4 I have are completely unique. The back of each have a design unique of the front, and can be seen from any angle. I've paired them how I think they look best together. If there are any you specifically like, please let me know. The whole lentil shell earrings are about 1 1/2", and come complete with clear rubber backs. These can vary easily be dressed up or down to go with many different outfits and styles. They’re packaged with cardstock and a zippered bag to prevent mobility during transit and are then put in a bubble mailer envelope. 

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