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Blue Abalone Shell Bead Bracelet

Blue Abalone Shell Bead Bracelet


These baby blue abalone shell bead bracelets are made with lobster clasp closures. I've made 2 rough abalone bracelets- you have your choice of
-Style A: This pearlescent blue shell bracelet is made with 6 abalone shell beads, each with aqua blue seed beads on either side.
-Style B: This rough shell jewelry has 5 abalone shell beads, with 2 of the seed beads per side.

Style B is slightly longer, but both are between 8-8 1/4" long, pre-made, and ready to ship. I love custom orders, though, and would be happy to make any changes you'd like (additional charges may apply). Both aqua blue bracelets have the beads set on metal that's been shaped by hand and interlocked in a repeating pattern. The light blue bracelets are very cool toned, so they'll correspond well with lighter, cooler toned skin, or have a contrasting pop of color against warm or darker toned skin.

I've set up the option to get these shell accessories as a set of 2 at a slightly discounted price. The shipping will also stay the same, so this would be a great way to save money on a pair of friendship bracelets, or have a matching set of abalone jewelry with a family member.


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Please note that color may appear slightly different on any online orders due to individual screen settings.

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