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Blue and green braided cowl

Blue and green braided cowl


Title: Blue and purple and green arm knit infinity scarf, chunky knitted scarf, blue purple green, braided cowl

This chunky knit infinity scarf can be worn in a variety of styles. An infinity scarf can be worn long and stretched, wrapped around the arms or over hair, twisted, or knotted. Since this blue and purple and green chunky scarf is an arm knit scarf, it can also be wrapped around the neck to look like a braided cowl. I used a unique blend of netted bulky yarn in blue, purple and green to make this chunky braided scarf. The cool tones of the blue and green make this an ideal knitted scarf for Winter. The yarns used are all 100% manufactured acrylic.

Measurements and care:
The knitting pattern combined with the gauge of the yarn on this knitted scarf gives a braided look with tons of stretch, so these measurements will vary depending on how the braided scarf is worn. When placed in a straight line it's just shy of 2 feet. As it's a complete circle, that means it would be almost 4 feet around and about 6" wide.

This blue and green chunky braided scarf is on hand and ready to ship. Contact me about different lengths or colors or rush shipping.

  • Care Instructions

    Hand or machine wash gentle cold. Wash with like colors. Lay flat to dry.

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