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Candle wicking by the yard (C- Medium)

Candle wicking by the yard (C- Medium)


These candle wicks are cut from a large spool of wick, and are available by the yard. The candle wicking is sold by the yard, but the candle wick can be made in any size not shown.


Zinc core wicks are the coolest burning of all cored wicks, and the most rigid. The zinc is lead free and the outer core is a braided wick made from 100% natural fibers. The zinc core is lead free and offers rigidity, meaning your candlemaking will be much easier.


This braided wick is best for medium sized candles (2-3" container and votive candles). It measures about 1/16" inch wide and has a burn rate of 3.2 grams per hour. There are other sizes of wicking and more candle supplies at


Please note the many variations that can affect which candle wicks are right for you. These include wax type, temperature, mold and other candle supplies and factors.

The candle wicks will be sent in the most economical time frame, but rush shipping are available for an additional charge. Please send me a message with any questions. I send all my orders in tamper evident bubble mailers that protect against the elements. Save on shipping by getting multiple candle making supplies from

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