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Crochet Bulbasaur Stuffed Animal

Crochet Bulbasaur Stuffed Animal


This crochet bulbasaur stuffed animal is entirely handmade. Unlike knitting, crochet cannot be replicated by machine. That means every stitch of this stuffed bulbasaur was done individually by hand. The bulbasaur stuffy can stand on his own, and makes a great gift for a pokemon fan. Care and attention went into the crocheting, sewing, and coloring of the stuffed bulbasaur. Facial features and nails are sewn into place with no small or removable parts, making it safe. 


See tabs below for materials and care instructions.


I have tons of other Pokemon stuffies available and love custom creating pieces. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to request any other Pokemon plush. 



  • Materials

    • 100% acrylic yarn in varying colors
    • Cotton thread embellishments
    • Dye/ fabric markers
    • Polyester fiber filling
  • Care

    • To keep colored spots lasting as long as possible, spot cleaning and avoiding the spots are recommended.
    • If washing is required, hand wash or machine wash with cold water on delicate setting.
    • Air dry only. 
  • Pattern

    The crochet Bulbasaur stuffed pokemon pattern is available for free!
    It's by Aradiyatoys and can be found following this link:

  • Timing

    • Shipping will be done in the most economical way, unless otherwise requested during checkout. 
    • The time it takes to create the stuffed animal may vary based on how busy Brittique is. Typical turn around time is typically less than 1 week, and may be much sooner, depending on stock on hand. 
    • Please send a message with any questions or requests regarding timing.
  • Disclaimer

    • As with all online items, there may be visual differences. Depending on your screen settings, the color may seem more or less vibrant, a different tone or hue. 
    • Part of the charm of handmade items is the unique variances that may occur in the final outcome of the stuffy. A pattern is followed, however, and all efforts are made for uniformity.
    • Brittique does not own the copyright to, and is not in anyway associated with Pokemon, Nintendo, or any of it's parent or subsidiary companies. Any charge for this work is simply compensating for the materials and hours of labor that went into following the crochet pattern.
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