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Crochet wasp or hornet nest

Crochet wasp or hornet nest


Title: Crochet wasp nest, non toxic wasp deterrent, fake wasp nest, chemical free hornet deterrent, housewarming gift, gardener gift, crochet hornets nest, cabin gift, fake hornets nest

This crochet wasp nest is meant to be used as a chemical free wasp deterrent and hornet deterrent. It's said that hornet and wasps are territorial creatures and will leave/not build a nest if they see one within a 200 foot radius. A fake hornets nest is a great non toxic alternative to nasty sprays that hurt the environment, your lawn, and your pets/kids. Looking for a housewarming gift? Fake wasp nest! Cabin gift? Crochet hornets nest! Gardener gift? You guessed it- wasp nest/hornet nest!

The 2 I have photographed are beige, but other colors are available upon request. Each one is topped without a crochet loop for ease of hanging, and each nest made will be completely unique for a realistic look. The smaller one pictured is approx 8" tall and 15" around at the largest point. The larger one is approx 10" tall and 21" around. They're made with acrylic yarn using my own pattern so they're totally unique and are stuffed with plastic bags to fill the shape out without weighing them down too much. Size and shape may vary slightly, but will be made as close to these dimensions as possible. I can also personalize them and make different sizes.

These can be made and shipped within 2-3 days. I use USPS and ship your order in a protective, tamper evident bubble mailer using the most economical time frame, and provide a tracking number. Save on shipping by purchasing multiple items. I love custom orders! Please let me know what I can make special for you.

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