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Owl lovey blanket

Owl lovey blanket


This crochet owl blanket is also called an owl lovey blanket.

The 12 inch owl blanket is a good size for a baby, kid, or toddler blanket. The kids animal blanket is made with multiple yarns and stitches for subtle sensory variations.

The small owl blanket is called a lovey. The owl lovey is about 12" across and 18" diagonally. The owl is stuffed with polyester fiber filling and securely sewn to the center of the lovey blanket. It has a sleepy expression and adorable wings that are flexible. This owl lovey blanket will make a great comfort toy at night or during car rides.

The owl blanket would be the perfect match for an owl themed nursery. The owl blanket is made with aqua, blue and beige yarns to make a wonderful gender neutral gift.  I have a larger hooded owl blanket available as well. I would be more than happy to customize any animal blanket for you- color, size, animal, a name etc. Additional material and/or labor costs may apply.

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