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Semi precious dalmatian stone bead bracelet

Semi precious dalmatian stone bead bracelet


This is a very unique dalmatian stone bead bracelet. The dalmatian beads are completely unique and you won't find any two alike. This beaded bracelet has 20 of the semi precious stones, each separated by a metal spacer bead. The rustic chic bracelet has a large lobster clasp closure, making it easy to open and close one-handed. The spotted bracelet is 7" long with size extenders are available upon request for an additional charge. I love that the colors of this indie style bracelet are neutral and would look great with any outfit or skin tone. The boho chic bracelet is so easy to dress up or down.

What is Dalmatian stone?
Dalmatian stone is often incorrectly referred to as 'dalmatian jasper'. It is not, in fact jasper. It is, however, a semi precious stone, with the lighter beige/grey color consisting  of feldspar and quartz. The spots consist of iron oxide, tourmaline, or other mineral inclusions. This stone is said to have protective, calming and healing properties. A dalmatian stone bracelet is also said to encompass determination and enthusiasm, encourage fidelity and emotional harmony, and supports the body's physical balance. This chakra bracelet is said to open the Base, Sacral and Earth Chakras.*

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