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SET OF 4 Paper flower hair pins, small flower girl hair pin

SET OF 4 Paper flower hair pins, small flower girl hair pin


These small flower girl hair pins are available in multiple styles:
-Light red floral hair pins (set of 4)
-Dark red flower hair pins (set of 4)
-Grey flower hair pins (set of 4)
-Variety pack (1 each of dark red, light red, grey and yellow)

Those are the flower girl hair pin colors that are pre-made and ready to ship. Yellow, as well as any other colors and quantities available upon request.

The paper flowers are cut from heavy cardstock paper. I crease each petal length-wise, and bend the edges individually for a more realistically textured hair flower. Each paper flower is then punched through to allow a metal brad to hold it onto a professional quality, salon grade hair pin. The difference is enhanced, long lasting spring, firm, secure grip, durable tips, and rust resistance. The brad is then adhered to the floral hair pin with a strong hold adhesive. Each flower hair pin then has ribbon cut to size to hide the brad/adhesive, and for comfort. The ends of the ribbon have been sealed for aesthetics and quality.

These floral hair pins are small and cute enough for everyday wear, but would be perfect for a flower girl.

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