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Small Wick sustainer tabs (15mm x 3mm)

Small Wick sustainer tabs (15mm x 3mm)


Title: DIY tea light candle making, candle wick holders, wick base, wick tabs


Details: These candle wick holders are made from heavy tin plate. Each wick base is 15mm x 3mm. These wick tabs are on the smaller side- perfect for DIY candles like tea lights and votives. Please keep in mind that the sizes of wick and sustainer tabs needed may vary depending on your mold, wax, and other factors. Play around with a few different sizes to see which work best with your project(s).


How to use: Place your wick in the center of the sustainer base and securely squeeze it. Place the candle wick tab in you mold and pour the wax.Want something else?If you're into candlemaking, you'll want to check out the rest of my supplies for candle making. I have more candle supplies like molds and dye chips.


Save on shipping by getting multiple items. I'm also very flexible with quantities. If you want to mix and match with other items in my shop or set up a candlemaking kit, just let me know.


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