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Votive Wick Pins

Votive Wick Pins


Title: Votive candle wick pins, DIY votive candle making, votive making candle supplies

Candle wick pins ensure your DIY wicks will be centered in your votive candles. Using votive wick pins during candlemaking reduces the amount of leakage that can occur using other techniques for sealing the mold. The wick pins are meant to fit in votive making molds. They're 35mm wide and 7cm tall (about 1 1/2" wide and 2 3/4" tall). Not all wick pins or votive candle making molds are exactly the same size. Different candle supplies may work better with different molds and bases. You want the diameter to be the same as the bottom of your DIY votive mold.

-Do your candle making over wax paper for easy cleanup.
-Spray your votive pin with non-stick cooking spray and place it directly into your DIY votive candle mold.
-Pour the wax (paraffin works best)
-Once your wax is dry/cool, pull out the wick pin and replace it with a wick assembly 1/2" taller than the mold. Trim to 1/4"

Want something else?
If you're looking for other supplies for candles, I have molds and dye chips, and will be adding wicks soon. If you don't see what you're looking for, please send me a message, as I have many other supplies for candles that I'm in the process of listing. Save on shipping by getting multiple items. I'm very flexible with quantities and would love to help you set up a candle making kit.

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