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Quick and easy crochet pattern for the softest squishiest pillow ever.

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

A lot of people are intimidated by the fur and eyelash styles of yarn, but you'll be surprised how quick and easy this pattern works up, and you'll be amazed at how soft the pillow is.

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Pattern is written in U.S. terms and is worked in the round. Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

Supplies & Tools Needed:

- Crochet hook (size Q)

- Tapestry needle

- Eyelash/fur yarn (I used Bernat size 5 baby lash) JUST over 2 balls.

- Worsted weight yarn (1 skein/ball)

Stitches and terms used:

- Mr- Magic ring

- Ch- Chain

- Sl st- Slip stitch

- Sc- Single crochet

- 2Sc - Make 2 single crochets into the same stitch

- Sc2tog - Single crochet two together or "single crochet decrease"

- St - Stitches. Note- The parenthesis at the end show how many stitches there should be in that row.


If you're unfamiliar with any of these stitches, there are great youtube tutorials

(I'll be adding my own soon, too). Until you're confident with your counting, use a stitch marker (or place a bobby pin in the starting stitch)

You'll be holding both yarns together while working this. The worsted weight yarn gives it a bit more structure to help you see where to go with your next stitch, and the fur yarn has so much texture and volume that it fills in the gaps quite well.


Sc 6 in magic ring. There are great tutorials on youtube, or ch 2 and work 6 sc's into the 2nd chain. (6 st)

Round 1: 2Sc into each stitch around. (12 st)

Round 2: (sc, 2sc) Repeat 6x. (18 st)

Round 3: (sc twice, 2sc) Repeat 6x. (24 st)

Round 5: (sc 3x, 2sc) Repeat 6x. (30 st)

Round 6: (sc 4x, 2sc) Repeat 6x. (36 st)

Round 7: (sc 5x, 2sc) Repeat 6x. (42 st)

Round 8: (sc 6x, 2sc) Repeat 6x. (48 st)

Round 9: (sc 7x, 2sc) Repeat 6x. (54 st)

Decide if you want the pillow any bigger. This is as large as I made mine because of the amount of yarn I had on hand. Feel free to continue increasing until you've reached the desired size. Keep in mind that the round numbers will change. If you make it wider or want it fluffier, do more than 5 rows for the next step.

Rounds 10-14: sc in each st. (54 st done in each of 5 rows)

Round 15: (sc 7x, sc2tog) Repeat 6x (48 st)

Round 16: (sc 6x, sc2tog) Repeat 6x (42 st)

Round 17: (sc 5x, sc2tog) Repeat 6x (36 st)

Round 18: (sc 4x, sc2tog) Repeat 6x (30 st)

Round 19: (sc 3x, sc2tog) Repeat 6x (24 st)

Round 20: (sc 2x, sc2tog) Repeat 6x (18 st)

Round 21: (sc, sc2tog) Repeat 6x (12 st)

Round 22: (sc2tog) Repeat 6x (6 st)

Sew the stitches together and weave in ends. Put your feet up and bask in the comfiness of your soft new pillow!


This is my first pattern that I'm listing publicly for free. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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