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Paper Pumpkin Pie Project

Crisp leaves, the smell of cinnamon, cozy sweaters... What's not to love about Fall?? By far my favorite part of the season is my grandma's pumpkin pie. She only makes it around Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie symbolizes the beginning of flannel filled Fall nights for me. While trying to wait patiently for the real thing, I decided to do a paper craft version.

This paper pumpkin pie kids' craft project is an easy and quick kids' craft. I did this with my 1 & 5 year olds, so whether you're looking for toddler craft ideas, a preschool craft project, an older kids' craft idea, you're sure to find this Fall craft idea easy as pie.

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-Paper cutter or scissors/ safety scissors, depending on your child's abilities.

-Liquid glue

-Cotton balls

-Orange and brown construction paper or cardstock (or white paper and brown and orange crayons or markers)

Step 1 (cutting the paper):

The first step of this preschool craft project is creating the paper pie portion. Cut the paper into quarters

(cardstock: 5 1/2" x 4 1/4", construction paper: 6" x 4 1/2").

Facing vertically, put a crease at the half way point, or mark with a pencil.

Place the paper in the cutter with the crease at the top, and a bottom corner at the bottom of the cutting path. Cut from the crease to each bottom corner. If you're doing this with younger kids and don't mind a cut down the middle, you can tape the back of the 2 thinner triangles together to create an additional 'slice' of pie. Doing this with each of the quadrants will give you 8 total slices per piece of paper.