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Crochet Cat Photos and pattern info

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

This is my take on the "Liz the Cat" crochet pattern found here.

Liz the cat crochet cat by brittique


I used Red Heart fiesta yarn in millennium colorway. I thought it was perfect for a uniquely colored gender neutral crochet cat. (or should I say prrrfect?) The fiesta line has been discontinued, and while looking for a replacement for the crochet cat, I came across this one. It's definitely not a total match for the one I used in my amigurumi cat, but the neutral coloring and variation in shading is gorgeous and I definitely want to make a crochet cat with it!

Crochet cat


The yarn label said to use a 5.5mm hook, but the pattern called for a 5mm and a 4mm. I stuck with what the pattern said. I always recommend going down a hook size from the label when doing Amigurumi. The tighter stitching helps give it a firmer stance and holds the stuffing in better. I use these Boye hooks. It's totally personal preference, but I have a tighter tension and like how metal hooks slide in and out. The hook ends are also more rounded, so don't snag as much.

Back of crochet cat


I sewed the eyes on, as this was before I started using safety eyes. Now that I've tried them, I'm done embroidering them on. They're such a time saver and just look so much more realistic than I'm able to do with yarn. Just make sure they're safety eyes specifically made for use in toys for young children, like these. There are a variety of sizes and colors, plus noses, so they work for tons of different amigurumi projects.

crochet cat face


I use polyester fiber fill. Fairfield's poly-fil can be found here. They're the originals, it's inexpensive and machine washable.

I've done many other patterns from that designer and have honestly loved them all. To see more from my crochet gallery, click here. To buy this adorable cat, or other fiber arts, click here.

Want to see a dog I made from the same book? Click here.

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