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Crochet fingerless flip-top convertible gloves

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Crocheted fingerless gloves are a fun way to hone your crocheting skills.

crocheted foldover gloves
Crochet Camo gloves by Brittique

Crochet mittens are a good way to practice crochet and make sure you're creating a consistent product each time you crochet.

Because of the finger and thumb areas, crochet gloves are a really good way to practice small, hard to reach places. It's good practice before getting into Amigurumi crochet projects.

I love making crochet flip top fingerless gloves. They make incredible crochet gifts, since you can customize the sizing and colors. When you crochet finger-less gloves, your gift will keep hands warm, while allowing needed mobility. I typically like to add a bit more length to the wrists when I crochet gloves and mittens. I prefer the look of the longer ones, they keep you warmer (especially great for kids!), and they're more versatile, as they can be folded over.

I've made these fingerless gloves with and without the flip-top convertible feature. When I include the flip top, I prefer holding them down using sew-on VELCRO brand fasteners. I have multiple hunters in the family, so they appreciated ones I made with camo yarn. The gloves pictured above can be purchased and customized here.

The free crochet gloves pattern I started with can be found here.

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