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Review of charmed aroma rainbow star bath bomb with pastel pink aurora ring

The rainbow star bath bomb is the most recent one I've tried and it's by far my favorite.

*photo from

They say the scent profile is sugared berry, pink grapefruit and white orchid. I think that's pretty accurate. Fruity and a little floral, just as youd expect from anything rainbow colored.

I wish I would have taken a video of it in the bath, because the colors were beautiful. Each star point had it's own color and the pink was the most prominent. I would have liked a bit more vibrant blue and green, but am glad that they weren't deep enough to stain the tub or my skin.

Now the best part... the ring!

It's part of their pastel pink aurora ring collection and has rhodium plated metal. The stone is has an incredibly unique and colorful iridescence. As soon as I opened it I ordered 2 more!

I normally wouldn't spend $18 on a bath bomb, but the ring alone is worth about twice that! Plus they have lots of sales at different times.

I've tried other bath bombs and candles of theirs that I'll be posting about soon, as well as the nail polish shown in the photos. Sign up for emails if youd like updates!

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