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Tester: Hastur

Hastur / King in Yellow

My take on H.P. Lovecraft’s infamous character


This pattern is written in U.S. terms. You will be working in the round, as well as in rows.

At the end of each row, the number of stitches worked will be written in parenthesis. If there are 10 stitches worked it will look as so: (5st)

Rounds are signified with an “R” and then the number. Round 3 would be R3.


Hooks- Boye B and C

Yarn Weight

Sewing needle

Polyester fiber filling (poly-fil) or stuffing of choice

Stitches used


Slip stitch

Single Crochet




Hooded Jacket

Using C hook, chain 21

R1- sc in 2nd chain from hook, and in each of the next 18. 2sc in last stitch of row. Continue working along the other side of the chain, with 19 sc. (40st)

R2- Ch1, sc 40 (40st)

*We will not be increasing stitches at the bend. You’ll notice the yarn naturally curling in on itself at the peak. This creates the hood.

R2-8 ch1, turn, sc 40

R9 ch1, sl st in each of the next 40. Ch1. Do not turn. Sc in same and continue with 16 sc across bottom.

R10 ch1, turn. Sc 16.

Bottom (b hook) leave all tentacle ends about 3 inches

Tentacle 1-(make 3) ch15, sc 2 in 2nd ch and each across (28sc)

Tentacle 2- (make 2) ch15, sl st in 2nd ch from hook and next. Sc2tog. Sc2tog. Sc2tog, sc2tog, sc, sc, hdc, 2dc in same.

Tentacle 3- (make 2) ch 16, sl st 2nd and 3rd. Sc2tog, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc2tog, sc, sc, hdc, 2dc.

#4- (2) ch21. Sc2tog5x, 3 sc, sc2tog, sc, hdc, hdc, dc, dc

Head c hook

1. Mr, sc6,

2. sc12

3. Sc18,

4. sc18,

5. 18,

6. 18,

7. 12

White eyes on row 5. one stitch vertical, one in same top spot, slightly angled down. Slanted angry. Stuff Head

8. Scdec6 (tip to decrease)

9. Sc12

10. 12

11. (Sc 3 2sc)x3

12. Sc15

13. Sc15

14. Sc15

15. (Sc 4, 2sc)x3 (18)

16. 18sc

17. 18sc

18. Sc18

19. Holding tentacle #4 on the side closest to you, put it against the body and do 2 sc's through both that and the body. Sc, sc, use the next 2 stitches to sc #3 in place. Sc, sc, sc, 2scs for #4, sc, sc, sc, 2scs for #3 sc, sc. (18scs)

Gather all tentacle ends. Tie in a knit and use to stuff.

20. 18 sc

21. Use 2sc for #1, sc, sc, 2 for #2, sc 2, #1, sc 2, #2, sc 2, #1. (18sc)

Ties ends. Stuff with ends and addl stuffing as needed

Sc18. Stuff more

Sc dec 9

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