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Turn Off Your Mind Blanket (Free Crochet Pattern)

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Whether you're looking for beginner #crochetpatterns or are an expert fiber artist looking for a #stashbuster project, this "Turn Off Your Mind" #crochetblanketpattern is a relaxing way to feel productive.

Teal balck and white crochet blanket pattern
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The entire #crochet blanket is made with the same repeating rows, making it an easy crochet pattern for beginners. The colors are easily interchangeable and you can 'turn your mind off' and relax watching TV while working the pattern.

I originally made this for my Mom, who is a big fan of the #PhiladelphiaEagles. I am in no way affiliated with the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles, or any of their subsidiaries. I found the yarn I thought best matched their colors, and will link to the yarn I used.

I used about 2.2 pounds of yarn. It was about 12 ounces (2 skeins) of each color. It's about 4'x6' and the sizing can easily be adjusted. Just add/subtract stitches in each row, or change the number of rows used.

Helpful Tips:

If you're a beginner, be sure to count stitches until you're confident with where the end of a row is.

Keep in mind that blankets get washed, so make sure any ends are long enough to weave in securely (about 6"). I recommend doing this by going one direction, then the other, then back the first way again.

I arranged the row colors in a way that would allow the yarn to be carried up the ends of the rows. This avoids the need to weave in ends at every color change. After changing colors, leave the original color skein where it is. That's the side you'll be working from the next time that color is needed. Don't worry about any visible yarn on the sides; the border at the end hides it pretty well.

Turn Off Your Mind Blanket©

By Brittany Rooney, ItsBrittsKnits

Pattern written in U.S. Terms

The finished product may be sold, but credit must be given to ItsBrittsKnits, with online listings linking back to this pattern page.

A row counter could come in handy but I found it very helpful having a printed copy of the pattern, so I could cross rows out as I finished them. I'm a visual person so I also liked being able to highlight the rows in different colors to match the yarn being used.

The ad-free photo condensed PDF can be purchased on my secured, data encrypted website here for only 99 cents, or for $1.49USD in my Etsy shop here.

Stitches Used:


sl st- Slip Stitch

sk- Skip

ch- Chain

dc- Double Crochet


L/11-8.00mm Crochet hook

Yarn color A- RHSS in Real Teal

Yarn color B- RHSS in Black

Yarn color C- RHSS in White

With color A, slipknot and chain 127.

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Row 1. Turn your work. Skip the 1st 2 chain stitches and dc into the 3rd. dc into each stitch across, being mindful not to turn the beginning chain row. (125 dc)

Row 2. Turn your work. Ch3, sk the 1st dc. Dc into the 2nd stitch, and each of the next 124. The "ch3" counts as a dc, making it 125dc total for the row. Turn your work.

Row 3. Switch to color B. Ch3, sk1, dc 124 (125 dc)