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Why you should collaborate, rather than compete.

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Collaborations are a great way to build networks and grow your social media following. I highly recommend fiber artists in particular try to work together as much as possible. Many people see others in their field as competitors, while they're actually great people to follow and bounce ideas of off. There are tons of opportunities for textile artists to work together. Pattern testing is one of my favorites.

One person gets the opportunity to have their pattern tried out by people specifically looking for mistakes. They help confirm the finished size and yarn yardage used. They're also confirm stitch counts and are very forgiving of any mistakes. Sometimes they'll even share photos to their following, increasing your exposure. Most testers I've worked with are happy to allow use of their photos, which can make marketing crochet pattern much easier. This also gives them a sample of your work, making them more likely to purchase other patterns. People are willing to pay (or pay MORE) for a pattern they know has been tested and where they can see multiple sizes/styles/colors.

Due to strict time constraints, some people charge for their pattern testing services. With the abundance of crochet groups on social media, it's usually very easy to find more than enough people willing to do it for free. They benefit by getting free access to a pattern that will mostly likely cost money. Sometimes they receive discounts on other patterns, and if their photos are shared they get increased exposure, as well.

Fiber artists may vary with who their following is, but pattern designers typically share an audience- a very specific niche audience. Suddenly gaining access to twice the followers... who wouldn't want that??


Krisztina with KAMEcrochet tested one of my shawl patterns, and was so fun to work with. It's the dreamer shawl made with this yarn, and the free crochet pattern is available here.

Now she came up with an absolutely amazing crochet blanket pattern. It's a very highly textured blanket. I have A.D.D. and have other 200 WIPS. (Works in progress... yes.. literally over 200). Working on the Nestariel blanket was so much fun for me! The rows often change texture and color, keeping me interested. The stitches aren't as complicated as they give the appearance of. The rows repeat for some familiarity, but in different colors, for an appealing and contrasting blanket.

I made my mandala blanket with Lion brand mandala yarn in sphinx. I cut the yarn at the end of each color to keep the afghan flowing well. It made the crocheted blanket incredibly soft and stretchy. The finished square blanket measures 51" wide. That means this intricate blanket is a good size for a baby blanket or a couch throw. The finished blanket can be purchased here.

The crochet blanket pattern was so much fun and I highly recommend it. I'm tempted to make a few more and sew them all together for a ginormous blanket. Even at the testing phase there weren't any errors to be found. The designer was quick to answer any questions, and wrote the pattern in a very easy to understand way. The pattern is available here.

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