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DIY Bead Angel Tutorial

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

DIY tutorial for making multi-faceted beaded angels. These adorable little angel charms are great for purse charms, key chains, necklaces, earrings. They're also perfect for keeping in your car or anywhere else you need a guardian angel.

I've looked online to find some cute supplies at competitive prices. Affiliate link info found here.


Optional: Seed beads or adhesive, jump rings, necklace chain, key ring, lobster clasp, earrings,- whatever you want to put the angel on.


Start with the eye pin or head pin. 2" (50mm) is a good length, as you can always cut them shorter with the side cutter. You can add a seed bead or a small amount of adhesive for extra security, depending on what your end project will be.

Slide on the large round (10mm) or teardrop shaped bead. This will be the angel's body. I like using glass beads that are multi faceted.

Next you'll add the wings. Get creative here! There are some really unique options- Check out this variety pack! Keep the bead color in mind when you're looking at the wing charms.

The small round beads I use are typically 6mm and make great heads for the angels. Try to get matching colors to the body portion.

Here's another chance to get creative- The decorative spacer bead for the halo. There are such cute ones out there!


The next step depends on your finished product. This is typically where I use the round nose pliers to manipulated the shape of the pin to enclose the beads and attach the other findings. You can slide it right onto a necklace chain, or add some jump rings to let it dangle. You can put it on a key ring so you always have a guardian angel with you in your car, or a large lobster clasp to be a purse charm. I like to dangle mine on fish hook style earrings.

These are not strict rules- it's a loose guideline for you to make your own little angels. I would love to see any unique designs you made inspired by this idea. Please show off your design and tag me on social media so I get notified @BuyBrittique. I'd love to share your photos!

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