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Etsy listing notification; how to get rid of it.

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

If you're reading this, you're probably an Etsy seller that noticed the new listings notification in your Etsy shop manager.

You know... the one that you got excited about... until you realized it wasn't a sale.

Yes, your LISTINGS now have notifications. At first I thought it was because some of my listings were expiring. I though "hmmm... wish it were a sale, but that's a nice way to get reminded to tweak and renew listings".

Turns out it's actually to notify you that listings can now have pictures linked to custom variations. Even though they've tried to get the word out in multiple ways, AND it's been on the dashboard for a few days, they now added the notification to really make sure you saw.

You've seen it multiple times but it isn't going away. So how do you making the listing notification go away? All you have to do is "X" out the notification itself to close it. Boom. All gone. You're welcome.

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