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Etsy's new flat ship option is a GAME CHANGER.

If you're an Etsy seller with lightweight, flat items, your shipping costs are about to plummet!

What’s happening?

Etsy is partnering with Pitney Bowes to get tracking on first class USPS flats and letters. They're the only shipping label provider to do this. Before, the cheapest way to get tracking was to mail as a “package” at roughly $3-4. It’s hard for customers to understand why we charge $4 to ship something that would take 1-2 stamps.

Why does it matter?

Packages get lost and stolen. Without tracking, you'll lose a customer case, since you don’t have shipping proof. You want to build customers’ confidence in your brand and brand loyalty by offering tracking. That, combined with the lower cost makes this a huge win for customers and sellers alike.

Which items qualify?

-The package needs to be machinable (flexible/bendable, not rigid).

To send as “flat”:

- Package must weigh < 13oz

- Measurements need to be < 15” x 12” x .75”

To send as “letter”:

- Package must weigh <3.5oz

- Measurements need to be < 11.5” x 6.125” x .25”

Not sure if your package qualifies?

- Don’t guess! If they decide it doesn’t, it could get a price adjustment, be mailed back, or get delivered with payment due.

-If you don’t have a digital shipping scale or aren’t 100% sure about the measurements, head to your local office. They can verify weight and have a sizing template that they drop the package in to see if it falls through naturally, without force.

How do you do it?

-Choose “flat” under the ‘package type’ drop down, rather than “package/thick envelope”. This is still less expensive than buying stamps from the post office.

-The tracking is provided by Pitney Bowes, not via USPS. To track the package, find the order in your shop manager and click on the tracking number. The buyer still receives an e-mail and can access tracking through Etsy.



-I don’t not work for Etsy or Pitney Bowes. I am an Etsy seller that wants to help buyers and sellers stay updated on rule changes but recommend contacting Etsy or USPS directly with any specific questions.

-The preceding is my understanding of points found on Etsy and from USPS. Any misinformation is completely unintentional. Please refer to USPS or Etsy with any additional questions or clarifications.

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