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5 things to include in every Etsy order

No matter what type of craft(s) you're selling, no matter the cost or size, I'll tell you what I think are the 5 things you need to include in every Etsy order. All of your Etsy orders should include information about the item(s) and your business, and should be packaged beautifully. You should thank them, invite them to leave a review, and give them a reason to come back.


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Every Etsy order needs to include information about your business. Most people will not go out of their way to look up business information, and even if they do, it may be harder to find that info when it's a small business. Make sure you've included any information they'll want or need. (Etsy shop link, social media accounts, phone number, e-mail etc). If you don't have business cards yet, print your info out on cardstock. Avery makes printable business cards with easy to follow templates you can find here: It's also smart to include any information about the item(s) you're sending. You never know if the item will be given as a gift. Pretend the person receiving it has no idea what it is, how to use it, or the care instructions. Even if it's totally straight forward and painstakingly obvious, try to think if there's anything somebody might find helpful if they hadn't read the description. Perhaps a tip or trick, disclaimer etc.


If you're wondering how to package Etsy orders, remember that the envelope or box is the first thing they see. Use packaging that wows. Make it something unique that makes it feel like they're opening a gift. I write on the outside of mine "Handmade- please handle with care. Thank you." This tells the customer that I care about the items I sent. There are some really cute options out there, but if if you're on a budget, a simple ribbon wrapped around an item can really amp up the wow factor. Personally I love poly mailers. They typically self seal with an adhesive, and many are available lined with bubble wrap. Solid colors can be written on, but seriously... check out how cute these are!! You can click on any of the photos to see what else is out there.

Just remember that size and weight may affect shipping costs, and that the color(s) and style should reflect your brand. If using poly mailers or boxes I like using these shipping labels. They're basically sheets of paper that are 2 giant stickers. You can print your label right on them, and they fit perfectly over the mailer envelopes. The way Etsy sets it up, the formatting is perfect for these. I even trim the sides and use them as extra stickers after I stamp "Thank You" on them.

Also keep in mind- just because something is cute, doesn't mean it isn't annoying. Don't tie ribbon in a way that requires scissors. Stay away from anything that could melt (candy, adhesive) or break in transit. Glitter or confetti are also big no-nos in my book.

ALWAYS include a thank you. It could be store bought or handmade, a sticker, tag... anything. At the very least, fold a piece of paper in half and write a note inside. The more thought you put into it the better. Hand write it and include the specific item they purchased. Use their name and try to think of other ways to make a personal connection. If you spoke before they put in the order, try to include that ("Congrats on the wedding/baby", "I'm sure you'll be very happy in your new home", "I hope your sister loves these").


Invite them to leave a review. Only about 1/3 of Etsy shoppers leave reviews (and that's on the high end). People typically only review stores when they feel strongly one way or the other. Go above and beyond so they feel compelled to tell their friends about this amazing place with awesome customer service. No matter how great your item is or how good the customer service, it's almost inevitable that at some point you'll probably get a less than stellar review. There are steps you can take to combat this, like having very descriptive listings, high quality photos, being honest, and having disclaimers. Not only do good reviews cancel out the 'not so great' ones, they also instill confidence in shoppers, and help with your shop's ranking. It helps to make people aware that you want the review, and that you want it to be 5 stars. I do this by adding "as a small business owner, reviews are very important to me" and "I look forward to your review. I hope I've given you a 5 star order".

The last thing I recommend including in every Etsy order (besides the product, obviously) is a reason for them to come back. Personally I do this through a coupon code good on their next visit. I also give a different code that specifically says to share it with a friend. That may not fit in with your business strategy, so find another way. A punch card, perhaps. Tell them about another item that would go well with the one they purchased. Tell them about an upcoming giveaway or contest. Try to think if there's anything you can send them that will make them think of you later. Something they won't just throw away. If nothing else, go out of your way to make sure they get the best customer service they've ever had.


You should now know the 5 things you need to include in every Etsy order. All online craft sales should include product and business information and be packaged to impress. You should include a 'thank you', a reminder to leave a review, and a reason to come back.

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