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How to make faux resin jewelry

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

​​If you're new to jewelry making and love the look of resin jewelry, this faux resin jewelry is a great place to start. If you've already looked up how to make jewelry, you know resin jewelry can be intimidating- especially resin earrings. Rather than measuring, mixing, and molding, this easy jewelry tutorial uses a mount and a faux resin with a similar look.

Supplies: (Depending on what you're making, your needs may vary)

Bezel trays or pendant blanks

Ear wires & rubber backs or necklace chain. If you don't know how to make earrings or aren't experienced with jewelry making, you might want to start with these earrings with trays already attached.

Dimensional Magic

Caviar beads, glitter, scrapbook paper, glitter glass or other filler

Depending on what type of jewelry making you plan on doing, you'll need a mount or tray to put your items in. They're available in tons of shapes, sizes and colors, so you can do DIY earrings, pendant necklaces, charm bracelets, key chains... pretty much anything.

Sometimes they can be harder to find in stores, especially if you're looking for more unique styles, so I recommend looking online. (I've added a link in the supplies list).

No matter what jewelry making you want to do, Mod Podge® dimensional magic™ is the main thing you'll need to get the smooth clear finish. This is NOT regular Mod Podge. It works as a bonding agent and a glaze sealant. It gives a crystal clear finish and is smooth to the touch. From personal experience and what I've read online, it shouldn't yellow with age, unlike some other sealants.​

​First you'll put a thin layer of the dimensional magic in the interior of the mount to work as an adhesive.

Next, place or pour in the desired filler. You have so many choices for what you can use. Believe it or not, all of the jewelry above was done with scrapbook paper. There are so many decorative ones with glitter or texture. The amount needed is so small it's such a great way to use up those itty-bitty scraps that are just too cute to throw away.

I've made a variety of rings and earrings with caviar beads A.K.A. micro beads.

​​I love bling so I'll add glitter to anything I can. You can mix colors together for unique galaxy designs or ombre effects.

*Note that some types of glitter bleed when wet. That could be a pro or con, depending on your desired result.

One of my favorite ways to make easy jewelry is using glitter glass. You'll need to be careful when working with it, since it's actually made of tiny pieces of shattered glass. This gives an awesome faux druzy look.